Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Jiminy Crickets! Episode 144 - Alice in Wonderland 70th Anniversary


Join DisneyChris, Ruthie and Brian as they venture down the rabbit hole, uncovering the many wonders of Alice's whimsical world of daydreams, in celebration of the 70th anniversary of Walt Disney's animated masterpiece, "Alice in Wonderland" First we learn about the fascinating author behind these fantastical fables, one Lewis Carroll, then discuss the influence these stories had on many various projects throughout Walt Disney's early animation career and the decades long development and production of what would become the Disney studio's 13th full length animated feature.Following that, our hosts take us through the plot of the Disney film, while drawing comparisons to the same episodes as featured in Carroll's original works. And while going though the story, scene by scene, they will also highlight the wonderful songs and many talented voice actors who helped make this film an all-time classic. 

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