Monday, July 19, 2021

Jiminy Crickets Episode 143: The Magical Music of Walt Disney Volume 5 - The Modern Era 1992-2013

This is part five of five very special bonus music episodes that we at  Jiminy Crickets are delighted to present to you throughout 2021. This  special series is called "The Magical Music of Walt Disney" and spans the decades to bring you the 150 most iconic Disney tunes of  all time. This episode contains 30 more classic songs, beginning in 1992 and concluding in 2013. We will return in a few weeks to bring you a very special bonus episode of this magical musical series. For the part 6 bonus show, we will present 40 more songs that we did not include in parts 1-5, chosen by YOU, our listeners. 

To contact us with a name of a Disney song you would like us to include in our next episode, that we have not already included in episodes 1-5, you can email us at...

disneychrisdotcom gmail com

 Or send us a message via Instagram...

 Our Facebook Group - Jiminy Crickets Podcast

 Or find me on Twitter - or Facebook under the name ChrisLyndon

Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy this, the fifth of five musical retrospectives dedicated to you, our fans, friends and listeners. 

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