Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Jiminy Criskets Episode 133 - The Magical Music of Walt Disney Volume 1 - It All Started with a Mouse 1928-1951

This is the first of five very special bonus music episodes that we at Jiminy Crickets are delighted to present to you throughout 2021. This special series will be called "The Magical Music of Walt Disney" and will span the decades to bring you the 150 most iconic Disney tines of all time. Our first episode contains 30 classic songs, and begins at the very beginning with the soundtrack to the very first synchronized sound cartoon, 1928's "Steamboat Willie" and concludes with three enchanted songs from Walt Disney's 13th full length animated classic, "Alice in Wonderland." We will return in the early spring to bring you volume two of this magical musical series. Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy this, the firs of five musical retrospectives dedicated to you, our fans, friends and listeners.


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1 comment:

  1. First of all. LOVE THIS CONCEPT. Missed songs like Alice blue bonnet one of my all time faves and Bing Crosby singing songs from ichobod. But nitpicking am I. Your the Musical Maestro always Chris Overjoyed at this idea. Awaiting with Anticipation for the next entry Going to bed singing