Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Jiminy Crickets! - Episode 125: Lady and the Tramp 65th Anniversary

In celebration of the 65th anniversary of Walt Disney's 15th full-length animated feature, DisneyChris and his special guest Brain Crawford bring you an extensive look at the true Disney classic. "Lady and the Tramp." As they walk you through the behind-the-scenes development and reconstruct the plot, they pause along the way to share many personal stories and humorous anecdotes, as well as the biographies behind many of the talented artists, musicians and vocal actors who helped create this film. As per usual, music also plays a key role in the show. Chris and Brian play and discuss all the film's songs and share many rare tunes that did not make it to the final cut of the picture. So join them for a jolly romp through the enchanting world of man's best friend.

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