Monday, March 6, 2017

Episode 61 - Celebrating 50 Years of Pirates of the Caribbean

This week Chris, Todd, Will and special guest star Rajah the cat, bring you more Disney news headlines, followed by a look back at the most iconic theme park attraction of all time, Walt Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean, celebrating 50 years of the motliest crew to ever sack the Spanish Maine. 

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  1. I have only been listening for a few months but this episode was is by far my favorite! Granted Pirate is my favorite ride but you guys really took it over the edge. I agree that the queue is better at WDW but the Disneyland attraction is better once you get on the boat. I may have missed it but did you mention the fireflies? I grew up on the Disneyland version and when I rode the WDW version I was SHOCKED that the ride ended where it did. Very anti climatic and the cat door is disgusting! Loved the full ride through at the end. Thanks guys for a great podcast